Our events for March 2023 have now started and the first in line is Ruthless with Gold which is available for both PC and Consoles! If you're curious about the rest of March's events, you can find the events thread here.

Ruthless with Gold

Ruthless with Gold is a four-week, trade-enabled, non-hardcore event that is both an opportunity to experience what Path of Exile would have been like with gold, while also letting you try out a slightly easier version of Ruthless. Players who have been keen to give Ruthless a shot but haven't wanted to do that at a major league start can use this event as a chance to try it out.

To join the event, simply click the "Join" button for Ruthless with Gold in the bottom right of the Character Select screen once you've logged into the game.

If you're in need of a few extra character slots, they're currently on sale in the store here!

In Ruthless with Gold,
  • Monsters and chests drop Gold Coins, which can be used to buy items from vendors.
  • All vendor prices throughout the game have been replaced by prices in Gold Coins.
  • When you sell items to vendors, you receive Gold Coins rather than currency shards. Other Ruthless vendor recipes are unmodified.
  • Due to how many Gold Coins you find, they auto-pickup as you approach them.
  • Gold Coins are itemised like Perandus Coins, and stack up to 5000 per inventory/stash space (50k in Currency Stash Wildcard Spaces).
  • In a party, Gold Coins you pick up are shared between nearby party members.
  • You can still find currency items, at regular Ruthless drop rates (i.e. not often). Gold Coins are dropped in addition to regular currency, meaning that in Ruthless with Gold, there is somewhat less item scarcity than full Ruthless.
  • Sanctum is not enabled.
  • Otherwise, base Ruthless rules apply


You’ll be able to earn one guaranteed Sanctum Mystery Box per account for reaching Level 45 in Ruthless with Gold. Please note that having multiple characters in this event will not grant you more Mystery Boxes.

The event also has a pool of microtransaction prizes that are randomly drawn for characters that reach certain level thresholds. The pool of available prizes is shared between PC and Console players. Having multiple characters will increase your chances of winning a randomly drawn prize. More details on all the prizes can be found below.

Microtransaction Prize Pool
Ruthless with Gold ends at 3pm April 4th PDT, or Apr 04, 2023 6:00 PM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time).

This event is available on PC and Console. You can find the ladders for each platform's event below:
You can also find all the ladders for March's events here.

Best of luck to everyone participating!
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